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    AY42H/AY802Y Safety Relief Valve Suppliers in China

    AY42H/AY802Y Safety Relief Valve Suppliers in China

    Product Category:SAFETY VALVE
    Product Name:AY42H/AY802Y Safety Relief Valve Suppliers in China
    Product Tag:safety relief valve
    Update Date:2021/9/1 10:14:35

    Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.

    AY42H and AY802Y safety relief valves are suitable for oil, chemical and other hydraulic conveying pipelines whose working temperature is less than or equal to 200℃, as overpressure protection devices for equipment.

    AY42H.AY802Y ypeissultablefor temperature-200℃petroleum,chemical.and othe hydraulc conveying pipe.asoverpresure protection devile.

    AY42H and AY802Y Safety Overflow Valve Diagram - Manufacturers and Supplier China

    Main performance specifications
    Type Nominal pressure
    Opening pressure Working temperature Suitable medium
    16.0 6.3~16.0 200 Water, Oil etc.
    25.0 10.0~25.0
    40.0-60.0 20.0~60.0
    Explanation of materials for main parts
    NO. Name of part Materials
    1 Body Carbon steel
    2 Seat Stainless steel
    3 Disc Stainless steel
    4 Bonnet Welding
    5 Spring 50CrVA
    Dimensions (mm)
    Type Nominal diameter
    D D1 K M Z- d b L L1 Rc H
    15 135 95 25 M48 2 4-22 25 65 140 1" 329
    20 165 115 30 M52 2 6-26 28 80 150 1 1/ "
    25 200 145 38 M80 3 6-29 40 90 180 2" 485
    32 225 170 42 M100 3 6-33 50 100 200 2 1/ "

    Dimensions (mm)
    Type Nominal diameter
    Rc ZG L L1 H
    AY802Y-600 15 1/2" 1/2" 52 90 250
    25 1" 1" 52 113 275
    40 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 52 157 33


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    Safety Relief Valve is a device used to protect the heating or water supply system from possible water hammers and excessive pressure of the working medium. The use of safety valves is a prerequisite in any technological pipeline creation. The absence of a safety relief valve can lead to the breakdown of engineering and plumbing equipment, water leakage from the pipeline system, and injury to people.

    Depending on the energy source, valves can be of the following types:

    · Indirect valve,

    · Direct pressure safety valve.

    In addition, this valve can differ in the method of immersion: spring or cargo, in the release of excess fluid method valves of closed or open action, also from the capacity: safety valve of the small, medium, and full lifting.

    Why buy a safety relief valve from us?

    · With our many year's industry experience, we are the top safety relief valve Manufacturer, provider, and supplier of better quality breather valves to our clients all over the country.

    · We use premium quality materials with high-level assembling units during production.

    · We have a group of specialists who are exceptionally qualified and experienced. This workforce takes great consideration in offering an unrivalled reach to our clients.

    · We provide 24X7 support and fast delivery!

    Features of our safety relief valve

    We as top safety relief valve suppliers in China, produce top-quality products. Our product consists of;

    · Brass or bronze are in use for the metal case.

    · Safety mechanism with steel spring and protective safety handle

    · Locking element: spool or plate

    · Bellows for hermetic connection of parts of the structure

    · Tuning screw

    Our valves are produced in two versions, with manual pressure adjustment & with factory settings. The threshold of operation of the models of the first type is set independently in the second case the manufacturer installs a protective cover that prevents the reconfiguration of the product.

    As a safety relief valve supplier, we use products of proportional action for incompressible media. Lifting the shutter in them occurs evenly. For compressible substances, protective reinforcement of two-position action is produced. This locks the working medium with a sharp rise. Depending on the required height of the spool lift, the product is made of low-lift, medium-lifting, and full-lifting.


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