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    Y14H-16P stainless steel bellows pressure reducing valve

    Y14H-16P stainless steel bellows pressure reducing valve

    Product Name:Y14H-16P stainless steel bellows pressure reducing valve
    Product Tag:stainless steel bellows pressure reducing valve
    Update Date:2021/8/30 23:38:54

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    Y14H-16P stainless steel bellows pressure reducing valveusage description

    The bellows pressure reducing valve is used in the pipeline of steam, air, water and non-corrosive medium whose temperature is below 200℃, so that the pressure of the medium passing through the valve body is kept constant to meet the needs of work. The inlet pressure P1 before the valve is 1.6-0.1MPa, the outlet pressure P2 after the pressure reducing valve is 0.4-0.05MPa, and the pressure difference between the front and back of the valve is not greater than 0.6MPa, nor less than 0.05MPa.

    The use of bellows type pressure reducing valve Y14H-16P:

    Bellows pressure reducing valve Y14H-16P is a direct acting bellows pressure reducing valve. The internal structure uses stainless steel bellows, and the sealing surface is equipped with a filter protection device. The structure is simple and durable, and the internal parts are not easily damaged. The service life is greatly improved. It is used for pipelines with high sensitivity requirements and harsh installation space requirements. The bellows type pressure reducing valve Y14H is suitable for steam, water and gas pipelines with a temperature ≤ 220 ℃. The threaded bellows pressure reducing valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve disc (steel ball), bellows assembly, spring and other parts. The outlet pressure is set by adjusting the spring. When the outlet pressure decreases, the valve disc opening increases. When the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure, the opening of the valve flap decreases, mainly because the pressure of the valve after passing through the medium acts on the area of ​​the bellows to sense the regulating spring and realize the function of pressure reduction and stabilization. When in use, the pressure can be adjusted by rotating the plastic hand wheel, no tools are needed for adjustment, and the connection and installation are convenient.

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