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    YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve

    YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve

    Product Name:YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve
    Product Tag:branch pipe pressure reducing valve
    Update Date:2021/8/30 23:36:05

    Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.

    1. YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve-purpose and structural characteristics

    YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve is a direct-acting membrane spring pressure reducing valve, which is designed and manufactured on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products. It is mainly composed of diaphragm, flap valve, adjusting spring and other parts. Use the diaphragm to sense the downstream pressure change to drive the valve flap, change and control the valve opening to realize the pressure reducing and stabilizing function. The outlet pressure value is set by adjusting the spring pressure. The branch pressure reducing valve appropriately enlarges the diaphragm area and improves the sensitivity. Decompression and stabilization are stable and sensitive. The branch pressure reducing valve is suitable for the branch pipelines of high-rise apartment buildings and residential areas, as well as the household branch pipes of apartments and houses.

    2. YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve-main technical parameters and performance indicators

    Nominal pressure (Mpa) 1.0 1.6
    Shell test pressure (Mpa)* 1.5 2.4
    Seal test pressure (Mpa) 1.0 1.6
    Maximum inlet pressure (Mpa) 1.0 1.6
    Outlet pressure range (Mpa) 0.05-0.55 0.05-0.8
    Pressure characteristic deviation (Mpa)△P2P GB12244-1989
    Flow characteristic deviation (Mpa)△P2G GB12244-1989
    Leakage 0
    Operating temperature 0℃-80℃

    Three, YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve-material of main parts

    Part Name Part material
    Valve body Copper alloy
    cap Copper alloy
    Disc Copper alloy
    O-ring Nitrile rubber
    Sealing ring Nitrile rubber
    Diaphragm Fabric nitrile rubber
    Adjusting spring 60Si2Mn
    Adjusting bolt 2Cr13

    Four, YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve-flow coefficient (Cv)

    DN 15(1/2") 20(3/4") 25(1") 32(1-1/4") 40(1-1/2") 50(2")
    Cv 1 2 3 5 8 14

    Five, YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve-connection size

    DN G L H H
    P2*≤0.55MPa P2*≤0.8MPa
    15(1/2") G1/2" 65 75 90 35
    20(3/4") G3-4" 75 85 100 35
    25(1") G1" 90 3 115 46
    32(1-1/4") G1-1/4" 105 130 150 55
    40(1-1/2") G1-1/2" 120 155 175 65
    50(2") G2" 140 175 195 75

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