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    J41B Type Ammonia Special Globe Valve

    J41B Type Ammonia Special Globe Valve

    Product Category:GLOBE VALVE
    Product Name:J41B Type Ammonia Special Globe Valve
    Product Tag:Ammonia Special Globe Valves
    Update Date:2021/8/21 15:29:05

    Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.
    J41B Ammonia Globe Valve Product Overview:
    Structural features and uses:
    1. The middle flange is a square structure, and the valve stem is connected by an intermediate rod.
    2. The sealing surface of the valve body adopts a spherical convex shape, and the valve foot is sealed with a line.
    3. The sealing surface is made of Babbitt alloy, which has good sealing performance and long service life

    Applicable medium: liquid, gas, ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen
    Applicable temperature: -10℃-150℃


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