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    D672F Type Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

    D672F Type Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

    Product Category:BUTTERFLY VALVE
    Product Name:D672F Type Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve
    Product Tag:Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valves
    Update Date:2021/8/21 22:47:48

    Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.

    Overview of D672F Pneumatic Double Eccentric Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve:

    Double eccentric wafer butterfly valve is also called high-performance wafer butterfly valve. It is mainly used for water drainage in water plants, power plants, steel smelting, chemical industry, water source engineering, environmental facility construction, etc., especially suitable for water pipelines, as adjustment and Use of interception equipment. The double eccentric structure is designed to deviate the valve shaft from the center line of the sealing surface to form an eccentricity; the shaft slightly deviates from the center line of the pipeline to form an eccentricity; the purpose of the eccentricity: After the butterfly plate is opened to about 20°, the valve seat and seal Disengage between the rings, thereby reducing friction.

    D672F pneumatic double eccentric wafer butterfly valve features:

    1. Reasonable design, compact structure, butt clamp connection, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, and easy maintenance.

    2. The eccentric structure is adopted to reduce the friction of the sealing ring and prolong the service life of the valve.

    3. Fully sealed, zero leakage. Can be used in ultra-high vacuum conditions.

    4. Replace the material of the valve plate sealing ring, butterfly plate, rotating shaft, etc., which can be applied to a variety of media and different temperatures.


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