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    D641F4 Type Pneumatic Fluorine-lined Butterfly Valve

    D641F4 Type Pneumatic Fluorine-lined Butterfly Valve

    Product Category:BUTTERFLY VALVE
    Product Name:D641F4 Type Pneumatic Fluorine-lined Butterfly Valve
    Product Tag:Fluorine-lined Butterfly Valves
    Update Date:2021/8/21 21:55:24

    Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.
    D641F4 Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve/hard seal fluorine-lined explosion-proof pneumatic butterfly valve:

    Butterfly valves are small in size, light in weight, and more economical than other valves with larger diameters. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the resistance of the medium flowing through the valve body, so the pressure drop generated by the valve is very small. When the opening is between about 15 degrees and 70 degrees, it can carry out sensitive flow Therefore, for large-diameter flow regulation, butterfly valves have greater advantages.

    The butterfly plate flow linear design, the butterfly plate sealing surface has a variety of pressure levels to choose from, prolongs the service life. The special design of the valve seat sealing surface avoids jamming caused by long-term non-operation. The valve seat has no backrest design, and the torque is lighter. It is also convenient for users to replace the valve seat by themselves.

    With three eccentric structures, there is almost no friction between the valve plate and the valve seat when the valve is opened and closed, which eliminates the jumping phenomenon that occurs when the ordinary valve is opened. It starts from 0 degrees and enters the adjustable area until it is fully opened at 90 degrees. Its normal adjustable ratio is more than 2 times that of ordinary butterfly valves, and the maximum adjustable ratio can reach 100:1, which creates good conditions for the use of eccentric butterfly valves as control valves.

    The metal seal can be applied to the medium with a small amount of particles and slurry when there is almost no friction when sealing, ensuring a smaller torque and better sealing performance. The flange-to-clamp hole connection is applicable to various standards.

    Pneumatic lined F4 flanged butterfly valve D641F4 pneumatic fluorine lined F4 butterfly valve supporting pneumatic actuator features:

    Pneumatic lined F4 flanged butterfly valve The butterfly valve adopts a two-piece valve body combination. When the valve seat and the valve body are lined, only the all-plastic valve seat and the plastic-lined butterfly plate are in contact with the medium. It is suitable for various concentrations of -50℃~150℃. It is used in various industrial pipelines of aqua regia, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, qing fluoric acid, various organic acids, strong acids, strong oxidants and other corrosive gases and liquid media.

    Structural features:

    1. Adopting precision-processed fluorine-lined butterfly plate, fluorine plastic and metal matrix are tightly combined without gaps, which can effectively exhaust interlayer bubbles and eliminate process defects such as delamination and cracking.

    2. The radial seal of the valve seat is equipped with a 360° elastic force-increasing pad, which exerts a radial restoring force, automatically adjusts the deformation, and reliably ensures that there is no internal leakage of the medium under long-term use.

    3. The fluorine-lined butterfly plate and the lower shaft shoulder adopt multi-stage loading elastic seals to realize automatic sealing compensation, so that the upper and lower shaft sealing surfaces form a gapless and ensure no leakage of the medium.

    Pneumatic actuator:

    It adopts new ATD series pneumatic actuators, double-acting and single-acting (spring return), gear drive, safe and reliable.

    1. Geared double pistons, large output torque and small volume.

    2. The cylinder is made of aluminum gold material, which is light in weight and beautiful in appearance.

    3. Manual operating mechanism can be installed on the top and bottom.

    4. The rack-and-pinion connection can adjust the opening angle and rated flow.

    5. The actuator can be equipped with electrical signal feedback instructions and various accessories to realize automatic operation.

    6. IS05211 standard connection provides convenience for product installation and replacement.

    7. The joint screws adjusted at both ends can make the standard product have an adjustable range of ±4° at 0° and 90°, ensuring the accuracy of synchronization with the valve.


    Design standard: GB/T12238-1989; lS0 10631-1994 or BS EN593-1998

    Flange connection size GB/T17241. 6-1998: IS0 7005-2 or BSEN 1092-2002

    Structure length: GB/T1 2221-1989: lS0 5752-1988 or BS EN558-1

    Pressure test: GB/T13927-1 992; JB/T9092-1999; lS0 5028-1993 or BS 6755-l-1986

    Attachment options:

    The following accessories can be selected according to different controls and requirements:

    Feedback device: also called limit switch, remote feedback switch signal (optional explosion-proof).

    Solenoid valve: two-position five-way for double-acting, two-position three-way for single-acting (explosion-proof option is optional).

    Triple parts: can stabilize the air source, filter, and add lubricating oil to the cylinder.

    Handwheel mechanism: Turn the handwheel mechanism to manually open and close the valve.

    Electric positioner: input 4-20mA signal to realize valve adjustment function


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