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    Importance of safety valve to air storage tank

    Time:2022/1/27 19:53:14 Category:INDUSTRY NEWS Source: Click:

    Air storage tank, I believe many people can know from the name alone that it is used to store other containers. During operation, once its pressure and temperature exceed the bearing capacity of its container, it is easy to cause explosion. The pressure of the safety valve can be determined according to the working pressure to a certain extent, and it needs to be inspected regularly.

    When using # air storage tank, the main function of safety valve is to conduct forced discharge when the air compressor fails and the pressure cannot be automatically relieved according to the set pressure, and the pressure reaches the relief pressure of safety valve, so that the pressure of air storage tank will not rise too high, so the safety valve needs to be calibrated regularly. It is strictly forbidden to unpack the safety valve after inspection. During operation, the manual and automatic start-up tests of the safety valve need to be carried out regularly to check the reliability of the safety valve.

    Common faults of safety valve mainly include: it does not open when the opening pressure is reached, and it opens automatically when the opening pressure is not reached, so it is necessary to check whether there are these faults.

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