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    Large-diameter side-mounted ultra-low temperature triple-eccentric butterfly valve successfully passed the acceptance

    Time:2021/10/24 17:06:46 Category:INDUSTRY NEWS Source: Click:

    Recently, Neway Valve has successfully delivered a number of side-mounted ultra-low temperature triple-eccentric butterfly valves to a domestic LNG project, of which the ** specification is up to NPS 30 CLASS 150. The product has passed the room temperature test, -196℃ ultra-low temperature sealing and low leakage test, return to room temperature high pressure gas sealing and other tests, all technical indicators meet customer requirements.

    With independent research and development capabilities and perfect manufacturing capabilities, Neway has now formed a complete series of ultra-low temperature valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate-stop valves, which have been widely used and recognized by customers in the fields of natural gas and air separation at home and abroad.

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