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    Digital Industrial Upgrade, Powerful Engine Installed on Yuhuan Valves

    Time:2023/2/27 21:47:20 Category:INDUSTRY NEWS Source: Click:

    In 2021, Taizhou has 73,000 manufacturing enterprises. Among them, there are 65 listed companies, 11 national manufacturing single champions, 32 national "small giants", and 2 national technology innovation demonstration enterprises. A number of domestic and foreign famous enterprises such as Geely, Huahai and Haisheng have been cultivated. Industrial value added grew from 128.3 billion yuan in 2012 to 216.2 billion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 6.8%.

    Among them, Taizhou Yuhuan is located in the southeast coast of Zhejiang, the middle of China's golden coastline, enjoys the "capital of China's valves", "China's plumbing valve production (procurement) base" and other reputation, plumbing valve industry output accounts for more than a quarter of the total industrial economy, It is a veritable pillar of manufacturing industry. Nowadays, information technology has brought a great promotion to the division of labor and innovation of Taizhou enterprises, and more enterprises have started to move towards intelligent production under digital empowerment.

    On December 4, 2021, Yuhuan Municipal Government officially launched the "pump and valve (plumbing valve) industry brain" application, through the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, to achieve digital integrated production, and comprehensively improve the competitiveness of traditional manufacturing. In the product tends to homogenize the plumbing valve market, improve management efficiency, reduce production costs, improve brand awareness is the urgent needs of many small and medium-sized plumbing valve enterprises, the industry brain is to solve the difficult development of sales channels, digital transformation is difficult, the industrial chain control weak and other common problems of the development and design of a digital application platform.

    Complete supply chain system to activate the industry's digital competitiveness

    Ltd. production workshop, dozens of boring and tapping special machines lined up, high-speed operation. Not far away, the data box placed on the plane receives data in real time and transmits it to the equipment kanban. On the board, industrial information interconnection, real-time transmission of the workshop screen, automatic analysis of production data, the number of equipment production, production schedule, tool change time and other information at a glance. "Managers can achieve production management through the screen in the office. Through digital empowerment, the enterprise's production efficiency is higher, lower costs, the competitiveness of the market is naturally enhanced, the output value this year is expected to increase by more than 20% year-on-year, continue to maintain double-digit positive growth." Zhejiang Stent Valve Co., Ltd. general manager Wang Jianfeng said.

    In Yuhuan "pump and valve (plumbing valve) industry brain" platform, before the need for a lot of human statistics information data, now instantly can be called out, and can provide the whole industry chain services from the production side to the consumer side. "Through the industry brain to transform the production line, improve production efficiency by 20%; through the industry brain centralized procurement, saving millions of raw materials procurement costs; through the industry brain Jingdong self-owned area, has successfully incubated a number of independent brands. Next, the enterprise will build a cloud factory through the industry brain to enhance brand awareness and product trading volume." Wang Jianfeng said.

    Industry brain is the new direction of digital reform, new goals

    As the second batch of pilot sites of Zhejiang high-quality development and construction of common wealth demonstration area, Yuhuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, based on more than 40 years of industrial development, adhere to the comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, stabilize the role of industry as the mainstay of the economy, focus on high-quality development, competitiveness, through the "traditional + special + emerging" industrial construction In the exploration of continuous improvement and breakthrough, gradually formed a new industrial industry development pattern with automobile and motorcycle parts, plumbing valves as the leading, six industries as the characteristics, eight new industries as a supplement.

    Industry as the cornerstone of economic development, the backbone of a region, and industry brain as an intelligent platform to achieve the digital governance of industry, is to achieve "industry chain modernization, industry based on advanced" effective landing path. Yuhuan "pump and valve (plumbing valve) industry brain" platform supported by the industrial Internet, data resources as the core, the use of a new generation of information technology, integrated industry chain, supply chain, capital chain, innovation chain, integration of the enterprise side and the government side, through the production side and the consumer side, to provide digital empowerment for enterprise production and operation, for industrial It provides digital services for the construction of industry ecology and digital means for economic governance, and is an integrated and open empowerment platform that strives to promote quality change, efficiency change and power change in related industries. Enterprises rely on the digital ecology provided by platform enterprises to gradually realize digital transformation from light management digital transformation to business digital transformation.

    Promote enterprise innovation Accelerate the construction of a new model of industrial green development

    In the government, platform, enterprises and other related parties comprehensive efforts, Yuhuan "pump valve (plumbing valve) industry brain" platform opened up new areas of research, innovation "digital intelligence" carbon control new ways, the first to build township-level "double carbon It has also taken the lead in building a township-level "double carbon" command platform, promoting the integration of light and storage distributed flexible power supply technology, realizing the operation of a low-carbon energy management and service platform, and providing enterprises with services such as visualization of energy consumption, quantification of carbon emissions, control of carbon emission reduction, circulation of carbon assets, and certification of carbon neutral energy. At the same time, it promotes the implementation of special low-carbon debt projects to help the high-quality development of industries.

    Since 2020, Yuhuan has been driving digital transformation by focusing on "digital + manufacturing" and the core concept of "industrial brain + future factory" to vigorously promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. Adhere to financial innovation, and take multiple measures to broaden financing channels. Yuhuan City's manufacturing industry actively starts a new round of "cage for birds", from "manufacturing Yuhuan" to "intelligent Yuhuan" transformation and upgrading. A number of industrial enterprises with strong innovation ability and high growth are standing out under the role of digital empowerment, leading the development of the industry.

    Source: Valve Industry Information

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