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    Ningbo's First Metal Hose and Valve Laboratory Officially Established

    Time:2023/2/27 21:30:10 Category:INDUSTRY NEWS Source: Click:

    Recently, Ningbo's first metal hose and valve laboratory, which was established by Ningbo Product and Food Quality Inspection Institute, was officially launched in Beilun.

    According to data, there are more than 2,000 metal hose production enterprises in Ningbo, with an annual output value of over 30 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of the domestic production capacity. However, the corresponding inspection and testing capacity for metal hoses has been insufficient for a long time. The Ningbo Quality Inspection Institute has optimized the hardware and software construction on the original basis, created the first professional laboratory in the city dedicated to the inspection and testing of metal hoses, and obtained the qualification accreditation of the Zhejiang Province Inspection and Testing Institution (CMA) in August 2022, as well as the recognition of the National Laboratory (CNAS) in October of the same year.

    It is reported that the new laboratory covers an area of ​​about 1,500 square meters, with comprehensive inspection and testing capabilities covering 13 standards and 192 parameters of three types of metal hoses, such as gas hoses, water and heating hoses, and industrial hoses, as well as gas valves. The performance, environmental performance, material analysis, and physical performance testing of metal hoses and gas valves have reached the domestic first-class level, fully meeting the inspection and testing needs of the entire process from raw material acceptance, parts inspection to product standardization testing for metal hose and valve production enterprises in Ningbo and surrounding areas. Among them, the five standard inspection and testing projects for stainless steel bellows hoses and rubber composite hoses for gas appliance connections are unique in the province, providing strong technical support and quality assurance for the production and supervision of metal hose industries in Ningbo.

    At the same time, the laboratory aims to create a public technical service platform for the metal hose industry in Ningbo. On the basis of providing inspection and testing services, its functions will be extended to multiple fields such as quality, standards, brands, talent cultivation, and the transformation of scientific research achievements.

    Currently, the laboratory has negotiated with international certification companies such as UL and ACS for certification cooperation, and will be able to provide local companies with foreign trade certification inspection and consulting services, helping them design and test according to the corresponding standards and avoid risks brought by trade and technical barriers. In addition, the laboratory has also established a team of senior engineers to provide technical support, in collaboration with the Ningbo Metal Hose Chamber of Commerce, to deeply understand the technical needs of enterprises and organize technology lectures, quality analysis, and standard explanations, promoting enterprise quality improvement.

    The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Quality Inspection Institute stated that in the future, the laboratory will focus on its positioning as a public welfare inspection and testing institution, providing convenient and reliable inspection and testing services for related production enterprises in Ningbo and surrounding areas, providing technical support for government quality and safety supervision, and safeguarding the quality and safety of related products.

    Source: China News Network

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