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    Breaking the dilemma, Wuyue pump and valve realizes innovation and breakthrough with science and technology

    Time:2021/8/19 22:20:05 Category:INDUSTRY NEWS Source: Click:

    In recent years, my country has been calling for the development thinking of "scientific and technological innovation". This is not only a development plan for my country's physical industries, but also an important factor restricting the development of my country's traditional industries. As we all know, my country’s traditional industries have always had the problems of backward technological capability research and development, insufficient technological innovation capability, and lack of investment in scientific research, which led to the lack of competitiveness of our industrial products in the international market and serious sales difficulties. And weed out the crisis.

    safety valve

    To solve the above dilemma, it must be combined with the actual situation of my country's industrial enterprises. In terms of the research and development of industrial valve and pump products, Shanghai Wuyue Pump and Valve is a private enterprise specializing in the production of industrial pump and valve products. In order to strengthen the development strategy of "Science and Technology Innovation", enterprises have been actively investing in the company's scientific research and innovation. On the one hand, it is to increase funding. The research and development of safety valve products alone cost millions of yuan. A series of products such as spring safety valves, pilot safety valves, boiler safety valves, and power station safety valves have been developed successively, aiming at different Pressure situation to solve the problem of safety protection. On the other hand, companies are also actively cooperating with the industry inside and outside the industry to build related technology research and development platforms, so that more industrial enterprises can integrate resources, jointly develop new technologies on the platform, and create more high-quality pump and valve products. The power of an enterprise may be small, but as long as all industrial enterprises unite and work together in one direction, they will surely condense into a positive force, explode with unlimited potential, and eventually become truly competitive. The pump and valve products of the company have won a place in the international market.

    The person in charge of Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve pointed out that "independent innovation" is a policy and principle that needs to be adhered to for a long time. Innovation is first of all conscious innovation. Don’t think that others will tell you the key technology, and don’t copy the core technology of others. Scientific research and innovation must rely on our creations bit by bit. We must overthrow the previous illusions, and really down-to-earth research and development. Technology and the pursuit of innovation can make real long-term progress. For a long time, Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve is really implementing this guiding ideology, taking scientific research and innovation technology in its own hands, and constantly developing more pump and valve products that meet the needs of the market and users.

    In the future, Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve will continue to uphold the business tenet of "Technology creates the future, quality leads the market" to provide the market with more high-quality pump and valve products, and will also make every effort to open up the three links of innovation, industry and capital. Pursue the sound development of industrial enterprises.

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