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    The design of dynamic balance electric regulating valve meets market demand

    Time:2022/3/24 15:48:59 Category:ENTERPRISE NEWS Source: Click:

    Control valves can be divided into pneumatic control valves, electric control valves, self-operated control valves, etc. according to kinetic energy and control methods. In addition, control valves can also be divided into different types according to different classification methods, and different types of control valves. There are different characteristics. There are many different types of control valve products in Shanghai Wuyue Pump and Valve Group. Among them, electric control valves are considered to be high-end products. Compared with traditional manual valves or pneumatic valves, it is clear that electric products can be better. Automate to improve production efficiency. And it also has a distinct advantage, that is, it also saves a lot of installation costs, so in the use of regulating valves, automatic valve products are becoming more and more popular.

    Not only that, the reason why the dynamic balance electric control valve can bring unique advantages in use function is that a lot of ingenuity has been spent on the design of the control valve. Every structure and every component has a unique role. To make better use of these regulating valves, you should first understand the design intent of Shanghai Wuyue Pump Valve, and understand the function and usage of each structure, so that it can truly exert its effect.

    dynamic balance electric regulating valve

    The first is to use the through rod structure:

    In the design of the valve stem, if the through-rod structure is used, it can bring better comprehensive mechanical properties, especially after the quenching and tempering treatment, the corrosion resistance and scratch resistance of the valve stem are greatly improved. The service life of the control valve product is effectively increased, and the number of effective times that can be used is also quite good. This design can also make the dynamic balance electric regulating valve more durable, because the valve stem of the through-rod design also has a feature, that is, it only rotates when in use, but does not perform lifting operations, so The sealing of the valve stem is very strong, the packing inside will not be damaged, and it can be used for a long time.

    The second is the use of anti-shock design:

    In the design of the control valve, there is also a professional anti-pull-out design. The function of this design is to prevent the valve stem from collapsing and breaking. In repeated use, the control valve stem will endure more Large friction and pressure, if you want to use it better, you must ensure that there will be no problems with the valve stem during use.

    Therefore, Shanghai Wuyue Pump Valve adopts the dual design concept of through-rod structure and anti-shock design in the dynamic balance electric control valve, which can better ensure the fixing of the valve rod and the plate cone, effectively prevent accidental breakage or collapse, and make The factory can use the regulating valve without any worries, and the production is safer and more efficient.

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