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    Pressure reducing valve enterprises adhere to independent R&D technology to enable them to break through the development bottleneck

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    In such an era of great waves, the foresight of enterprises lies not only in their foresight of the market, but also in their ability to seize the golden key of science and technology. Throughout the development of China's pressure reducing valve industry, industrial progress tends to show a cyclical trend of development, and the general environment is bound to decline and repeat itself.

    Pressure reducing valves

    The frequency of words such as "science and technology" and "innovation" has reached its peak over the years, and the positive attitude of China to encourage + promote innovation in enterprises shows the importance of innovation and research and development in the development of enterprises. China is a large country of valves developed from the mud, independent research and development has been integrated into the blood of the industry, only technology-enabled products to break through the constant development bottlenecks.

    Technology-based product localisation

    Traditional pressure reducing valves are evolved from imported products, with insufficient localised innovation, so there are generally various different problems such as underground technology content, precision ground and low practical value, any of which is enough to cause incalculable losses in large project works, so it is necessary to start from a localised perspective to meet the needs of large domestic engineering and construction projects.

    This requires manufacturers to combine the actual situation of localisation with research and development and exploration, using the product concepts and technical knowledge learned from foreign companies to achieve quality upgrades, while incorporating elements of localised needs, so as to create products that better meet the needs of Chinese enterprises.

    Pressure reducing valve

    Insisting on independent research and development to break through the development bottleneck

    Pressure reducing valves have a very variable use environment, so the more high-end products, the more need to be subdivided in terms of demand. Pressure reducing valve, YG43H high-sensitivity steam pressure reducing valve, Y110X adjustable stainless steel threaded pressure reducing valve and many other different sub-categories.

    Pressure reducing valve manufacturer in cihna

    Due to the different scenarios of use, the selection of materials for these sub-categories is also different. Taking the bellows pressure reducing valve as an example, this product is mainly used in the pipeline of steam, air and water without corrosive media at temperatures below 200°C. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a constant pressure through the medium between them, and the material used is high-quality stainless steel bellows, which enables the product to maintain a stable and smooth work in a complex environment.

    With the further refinement of China's development plan, the future of the various industries will put forward higher requirements for the parameters of pressure reducing valves, the need for manufacturers to seize the layout of the field of science and technology, to occupy the high ground of science and technology, to inject vitality into the development of the industry.

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