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    Production safety starts from the safety of the equipment An analysis of the purchase of "safety valve" three major points

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    As the use of the scene continues to broaden, the market capacity continues to expand, more and more industries need to use safety valves and other basic components, in the sales volume of the stimulus, safety valves of various specifications and categories are also increasing, to the major enterprises to increase the difficulty of the purchase. Enterprises in the purchase, how should we find the right demand, choose the right safety valve?

    Adhering to the different needs of use, buyers need to have a different focus, not only to consider the temperature, pressure, medium, but also need to consider the quality, life and so on, the purchase process is very cumbersome, to really choose the right safety valve, you must understand the following three points to buy safety valves.

    safety valves

    A, from the structure to see the performance

    Unlike other products, the safety valve structure is more compact, often the slightest deviation in the structure will lead to a huge difference in performance, if the quality of manufacturers vary, will seriously affect the use of the enterprise later. Therefore, buyers need to learn to analyze and judge the performance from the structure, such as fully open safety valve for the discharge of gas, steam or liquid media, while the micro-open safety valve is generally suitable for the discharge of liquid media, such as the sealing of the safety valve has high requirements, you can choose the valve - seat sealing performance of good products.

    safety valves

    Second, analysis of the actual working conditions

    Selection needs to be targeted, that is, to find the right demand for the purchase of appropriate products, the first thing to do is to clearly understand the actual scene of their own business use, such as the ambient temperature, part of the safety valve internal is a non-metallic parts structure, so the temperature range is more restricted, need to be controlled within 260 degrees Celsius, such as enterprises have higher demand for the use of temperature, it is necessary to choose more resistant to high temperature metal If the company has higher requirements for the use of temperature, then it is necessary to choose a safety valve with a more resistant metal structure and a product with a heat sink or cooling chamber.

    Analysis of the medium is also an important indicator for the purchase, for example, for part of the viscous medium, or easy to crystallise the phenomenon of the medium, you can choose the bellows type safety valve. For corrosive media, it is necessary to choose the model with better corrosion resistance to ensure that the valve body will not be corroded by the medium during use, resulting in the overall operation.

    safety valves

    Three, product quality

    Theoretically, product quality should be the most important selection criteria, why will product quality in the last place? Because safety valves have special characteristics, can not simply look at the quality, must be determined after the above two points in line with the actual use of demand, and then put forward the quality of demand.

    Safety valves can play an important role in the protection of personal safety and equipment operation, so when purchasing must choose a more professional enterprise, such as Shanghai Wuyue and other companies specializing in building valve products, and can provide customized services on demand, in order to purchase high-quality safety valves that really meet the needs of enterprises.

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